Baby, Baby

So we announced today that we’re expecting baby number two in April next year!

You can check out our announcement video here:

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged about anything and I’ve really, really missed it.

I spent the past four months in hiding. Hiding from the world and from the kitchen because, food smells (ugh)
Yes the past four months I literally focused on surviving and pretty much gave up on social media and interacting with anyone.

I went to work and tried not to get sick on my lap whilst driving, a few times I had to stop the car and get out and dry wretch along the motorway. Fun times!

Constantly snacking helped and unlike my pregnancy with Finn, I’ve completely gone off of Strawberries this time. Like, completely!

I napped in my car at lunchtime because even a 10 minute power nap was better than nothing and it was THE ONLY way I could get through the day. I shit you not.
It wasn’t all bad though. Finn was still taking 2 naps a day so when he napped I napped and he’s also at that age where he’s quite happy playing away with his toys as long as I’m there beside him. It didn’t matter that I was panned out on the couch suffering through what felt like one of the worst hangovers (it’s the only way to describe it) as long as I was there, he was quite content. Win!

Anyway so morning sickness sucks ass, but right on queue at 14 weeks it started subsiding and I’ve finally got my energy back. Which is a good thing. My house realllllyyy needs to be hoovered.

Yes, I’m finally able to stay awake past 8.30, to enjoy the smell of coffee again and stomach tea! I’m still working my way up to eggs.

This pregnancy so far has been so much harder than Finn. But as I explained to Ross after losing one baby I gave zero fucks about anything else except sustaining and nourishing Finn and one of the main ways I could do that was to sleep, all the time! I didn’t have that luxury this time. But like most women, I survived.

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